Deposition & Litigation Services

Transcribing hearings, legal proceedings, interviews, etc. (via audio or video) are just a few of things we provide through our Deposition & Litigation Services here at Just Taking Care of Depositions, LLC.  In addition to serving the Dallas metroplex area, we also provide litigation services  to Austin, Houston and San Antonio.

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Court Transcription Services

While judicial trials, administrative hearings, court proceedings and depositions have a need to be recorded, outsourcing your audio and/or video to our virtual Court Transcription Services will prove to be a great savings!

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Legal Transcription Services

As a virtual provider of court and legal transcription services (serving the Dallas metroplex area, as well as Austin, Houston and San Antonio and more), our goal is to provide professional transcription services transcribing legal documents, audios and videos.  

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What We Do

Over the last 10+ years, Just Taking Care of Depositions, LLC  has transcribed in a variety of fields such as legal, medical, insurance and general  transcription for various professionals, executives and businesses.

While legal transcription has always been one of our primary specialties, which includes administrative hearings, interviews, court hearings, etc., we have have recently expanded our legal transcription process to include Deposition &  Court Transcription Services.  We are now able to transcribe from audio and videos to text recorded depositions for your litigation needs.  We offer a reasonable turnaround time done virtually saving the courts, law practices and litigants costly litigation expenses.

As a diverse virtual provider of Transcription, our Dallas Deposition Services offer flexible TAT, high quality at an affordable rate.  This along with our commitment to provide the best end product at 98 -100% accuracy in a timely manner in the spirit of excellence is what we offer at our global deposition services!


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